Simon stood there and looked at me as she got naked hot tub and laughing, told me that his wife Sarah could not wait to get their hands on me… “Oh, dear sex she is crazy,” he said, and it really was, when he told her everything we had was to change the other night. drying it, I was worried that this is out of control. I must admit that I like Simon, but as an invitation to his house for the weekend with Jason, I was not sure what to think about it and what it was. Simon had ordered more drinks and when I heard knocking on the door I quickly wrapped in a towel robe hanging on the back of the door. I really could not believe my head around this, and now wanted to go home and think about it. The wine was a good tactic, but promptly, and wobbled as I nibbled on the large sofa some delicious cakes and drinks my drink SA Simon saw clean before a large mirror on the wall. It was really ths the sexiest man I have ever seen, and I knew that I always remember I had sex with him and the incredible magic worked again for me! It seemed to cast another spell on me as my big toe and looked into my eyes, nibbled one million sent goose bumps. Suddenly my body was screaming for him again, and my pulse was racing as his figers took my legs and lower body. My fingers were trembling with excitement, I put his nice hard cock, jerking his head between my fingers and shiny peaks. Once again, I’m more of pure pleasure to fall into his arms and felt his hardness stab in me again. He suggested then removed and filtered before it fell to his knees lay his cock with my mouth. Sighing deeply, he pushed it between my lips. I could see that badjojo he is very close to ejaculation, pushing violently fill in the back of my throat, my mouth with his hot creamy liquid was. His hands roamed my from top to bottom, stroked my excited body and his fingers slipped between the lips of my pussy wet. It was badjojo a very considerate lover and felt like a dream when my Clitty masturbated. I devoured in seconds, as he squeezed my clt between the fingers and thumb throbbing pure sexual arousal. As he lay beside her on the carpet was still sting in my hand, rolling the badjojo foreskin badjojo back and forth gently, as he stiffened again. I knew I had to get away, though, as I desperately wanted to go home now and think it over. I had not named Jason, and he wonders why. Walking to the subway station, which had begun to move. I must have looked a mess, but I had to leave fom Simon and all the pleasures of the flesh. I was back home fairly quickly, and leaned against the door, pushed it to implement shut, how tired I was. Put in the pot I hugged the cat and took a few items that I had booked earlier. Jason had left mESSAGES ringing on the phone and home phone, but I kept dropping back. I just had my baby when the phone burst into life again, and saw the cell phone number from Jason. He said he was very concerned and asked if I was okay. I told him that I feel good, but very tired. This was probably the wrong thing to say! Then, for some stupid reason I said fuck that had this kind in Knightsbridge. God, what a fool I was ! I heard there was a silence on the phone, then I say : Jason: ” I ​​hope this is a joke. ” I stammered that was heard and replace Jason. With my fingers through my badjojo hair I sighed deeply, as I sat on the kitchen chair to realize that he had a terrible headache. had not really my badjojo head around Simon / Sarah thing, and the invitation for the next weekend. If I would have handled the call better, could have explained everything about Jason and I think he found it all been a little exciting, and it is possibleit has been for her. So, it was stupid, as I told the truth a few minutes is not too smart. It was not expected back from his course until morning, and thought maybe sleep after the first night, I could drag. I decided to take a shower and try to sleep early. I just eat when I heard someone at the door and a key in the lock. Jason was the only one with a key, and he broke into my apartment. He shouted that not concentrate at work and had made his mind with worry over the weekend. Then he yelled at the temerity to say that I was a fucking idiot in an upscale section of town and just what I was doing! Explained in tears that I tried, but how? badjojo Should I tell the truth? In the end I did. We had a very badjojo good and has lots of sexy adventures together. As a rule would have been very active, but not this time! It was hard to explain everything, and I do not think he wanted to hear. He went to ous room, threw a couple of things in one case, then left the apartment, closing the door behind him. What a mess ! put on some music and tried to calm myself, I decided to ring a friend, but she was away. I had not put the phone rang and I hoped that Jilly returned the call. What a surprise it was Sarah, Ms. Simon! You could say I was excited and again, in retrospect, probably was not what I do, but I told him about the reactions of Jason and he stormed out. Sarah was very friendly with him and had all the right noises and then said goodbye. was not until an hour or must be, when the doorbell went and how it almost ten years ago I was hoping it was Jason, and ran to the door to open. Who should be at the gate, but can Sarah! She threw her arms around my neck hugging me smart like old friends. “I could not in this state, my dear,” he said as he dropped his coat expensive in the lounge chair. She followed me to thethe living room, and offered him a glass of red wine from the bottle I’ve opened before. Sarah was really nice, and we finished a bottle while we talked. We were surprised together, relaxed and laughed a lot, when suddenly ran her slender fingers on my badjojo knee and I gasped in surprise. I was very drunk and not quite believe what happened when your lips soft and warm gently pressed against my… His hands began to leave my little flimsy robe and nightgown I was wearing only a thin, he said : “I left. ” She laughed as my erect nipples that stood out immediately was the touch. In what seemed seconds lifted her skirt and top was removed, and asked me to be beautiful and delicate white lingerie. You could smell the delicious aroma and body was delicious! Sarah was very close to me and kissed my breasts and rubbed his fingers rhythmically. I murmered touch as well, andShe nodded her head when he fell under her spell as she had with her ​​husband! smiled and brushed her long blond hair behind her ears, I saw her and thought her grace as she moves her body was near me. Opening my legs, I showed my fanny eyes and let your little pussy now mine. She twisted around to squeeze and pull on my tits, the soft flesh almost melted. Her curvy hips up and down, as my body pushed her. Suddenly he turned and we were in a position 69, and as his hands grabbed my ankles, badjojo legs went over my shoulders, pushing her hairy pussy in my mouth. It was heaven savoring juices and kissed her pussy, tie the tongue between the lips and licked the tip of her clitoris. I heard mourn, looked relaxed when I like a volcano, and when they reached badjojo the summit of the catastrophic impacts tore their way through it! I have not heard his hoarse voice thanked me and my own pleasureAfter intensified when she stroked my pussy again with his soft lips. The fire spread by the heat of my body as I lay beneath it, and I cried when I was shaken in a thrilling climax wonderful. For a moment stood still, I figured my body now, Sarah stood up and kissed her breasts and rubbed it between his hands rhythmically. I gasped, how well it was covered in her juices as my finger. She started sucking my nipples sending through me cold. Then, together, shaking his finger at me as only a woman knows how. Curling around my ass and then back again and this type of stimulation, no wonder I started to moan with passion as his fingers pulled on my clit. She knew how much I liked and pulled me toward him, as I pressed my fingers into her pussy. Soon I felt a peak number of rippling through his body, like every nerve in her seemed twitch. badjojo was like a woman and her passionate love play was simply amazing and really could sing to my body. I had never experienced anything like this before with a woman and was confused by the odd couple of them, and the last days. It was after midnight, and suddenly seemed to escape in a hurry Sarah… and then she was gone. did not feel tired, anxious and wanted Jason, but in the end must be asleep on the couch, where I fell in the morning. Sunlight was not very well developed streaming curtains I was thinking yesterday with Sarah and Simon. After tightening, I was thrilled at the small “Deli ” on the street corner and a few unpleasant things. Still dazed, I was heard in the apartment for the phone ring. Hoping that it was Jason, quickly took him to hear the voice of Sarah thanked me for last night. I listened when she told me this weekend, and hoped that Jason could be comingg as well. She said: “We have the best party favorite and I really want it with or without badjojo your partner, if Jason does not come, we will soon find someone else and believe me have a good time. ” She told me to wear something very sexy then laughing, said : “I doubt that you are using for a long time” ” So long honey,” she said, and with that she hung up. In a mixture of excitement and fear they feel. What in the world that I had in me ! I could not help it, I knew I should not go well, but I could not wait to get to Saturday…..